bleeding from nose

What causes nosebleeds? We’ve all had them at some point. The unwanted bleeding from the nose can be a scary and often unwanted issue. Many of our patients come into our office with this reoccurring nosebleeds. Nosebleeds can happen at any age and usually happens without an obvious cause. You can get a nosebleed from nose-picking, blowing your nose too hard, having a dry nose, swelling, and irritation, or having something that should not be in the nose’ like food or pebbles. Some serious causes of nosebleeds include kidney, blood, liver, heart or genetic diseases. To rule our any of these issues it is recommended to come in and let our physicians take a physical exam and case history. Often times nosebleeds do not stop with just a kleenex. Call McCool and Bhuta ENT and let us examine and treat your nose symptoms. To learn more on this topic click here