Do you suffer from Meniere’s Disease?  How about allergies?  The office of McCool and Bhuta ENT attended a speaking engagement on current allergy topics.  One topic was the research that has been done on allergy patients suffering from Meniere’s Disease.  Allergies that start in childhood and are not present to adulthood have shown a relationship with Meniere’s.  Endolymph fluid in the inner ear can become imbalanced and cause a feeling of fullness, dizziness, and hearing symptoms.  Allergy symptoms can cause the same reactions to the endolymph function.  If you suffer from allergies and have ear symptoms you may need to see an Ear doctor to determine the root of the problem.  Seeing a specialist is worth the visit because our doctors can tell the difference between an ear problem as well as being able to treat allergies.  Call us today at 205-414-1368.