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At McCool and Bhuta Ear Nose and Throat Specialists, quality care is our goal, one child at a time. Drs. McCool and Bhuta will accurately diagnose and individualize your child’s treatment. Drs. McCool and Bhuta value your time, and will offer prompt, professional care in their conveniently located clinic in the heart of Homewood.
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How do I know if my child needs tubes?
What are chronic ear infections?
• Why do children have earaches?
What if my infant has hearing loss?
Is loud noise harmful for my child’s hearing?
How do I understand the medical terms used to explain my child’s ear problem?
When should I worry about my child’s hearing?
What if my child has ringing in the ears?

How do allergies affect my child’s ear, nose and throat?
What if my child has sinusitis?
What are pediatric food allergies?



What are tonsils and adenoids?
What is tonsillitis?
What should I do after my child's tonsils/adenoids are removed?
What is a tonsillectomy?
Could my child have sleep apnea?
What if my child has “tongue tie”?
What is pediatric reflux?
How does reflux affect my child’s ENT health?



How does day care affect my child’s ENT health?
What if my child’s face is injured?
What is a cleft lip and palate?
What are pediatric head and neck tumors?
How does my child’s weight affect his ENT health?




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Pediatric ENT


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