What are my treatment options for allergies?
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Treating Allergic Rhinitis

The most common and simplest treatment recommendation for allergic rhinitis is avoiding the allergens which are causing your symptoms. For mild seasonal allergies or allergies from pet dander, avoidance could be the most effective treatment plan. Cost and lifestyle are important factors to consider, and Drs. McCool and Bhuta can work with you to develop an avoidance strategy based on the nature of the allergen and availability of avoidance measures.


Severe symptoms, multiple allergens, year-long exposure, and limited resources for environmental control may call for additional treatment measures. The next step in controlling your allergy symptoms is allergy medications. There are three classes of allergy medications; 1) nasal steroid sprays, 2) antihistamines, either oral pills or nasal sprays, and 3) anti-leukotrienes such as singulair. Often, a combination of these medications will give the most relief of nasal allergy symptoms. We also recommend nasal saline irrigations on a daily basis to help clean the nose and nasal sinuses. A short burst of oral steroids may be appropriate for some patients with severe symptoms or to gain control during acute attacks.


In allergic rhinitis, the immune system is over-reacting to an otherwise harmless inhaled allergen, such as ragweed. If avoidance measures and medications are not enough to relieve your allergy symptoms, then immunotherapy (IT) may be the best treatment option. The goal of IT is to desensitize you to your allergens, which then dramatically reduces your symptoms. IT is delivered through in-office injections, one to three times a week. Alternatively, you may choose daily drops placed under the tongue, called sublingual immunotherapy (SLIT), which you can perform at home.


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